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Customer Support


Order and shipping information.

  • Once your order is processed and the package is shipped you will receive a confirmation email with full tracking information.

    Alternatively you may navigate to your order history where you directly check the status of the shipment.

  • Depending on the final destination of the parcel and the carrier selected during the checkout you may expect your order to be delivered between 1 to 8 business days.

    Back ordered (pre-ordered) devices will be shipped as soon as we get the stock. New stock arrives one to two times per week so the wait time is never very long.

    NOTE: Delivery with Royal Mail/Singapore Post may take up to 20 days.

  • Getting a VAT reduction is not possible at the moment and we are unable to quote the VAT value on the invoice as you would not be able to deduce it in case you wish to include it in your tax declaration.

    This means the listed price on the product pages is the final price excluding shipping.

    OppoStyle is run by a Hong Kong company and the VAT is not added to the sale in the first place, regardless of where we ship the phone from.

    For purchases on OppoStyle Europe, eventual import fees and duties (including VAT) have been already cleared by us when the product have been imported to Europe.

  • “Pending”:  The order is newly created and is being verified.

    “Pending Payment”: We are awaiting for your payment to be received.

    “Payment Accepted”: Your payment has been accepted and confirmed. Your order will be prepared soon.

    “Pending PayPal”: We are awaiting for the PayPal cleared payment confirmation.

    “PayPal Reversed”:  PayPal has received a request from the Credit Card issuer and has reversed the payment.

    “PayPal Canceled Reversal”: PayPal has canceled a previous reversal request.

    “Suspected Fraud”: The payment is suspected to be a fraud. 

    “Shipping on Hold” / “Shipping Exception”: The shipment for your order has been held due to insufficient or missing information or other logistic related issues. You will be contacted by a logistic expert to solve eventual issues.

    “Shipping Refused”: Customer rejected the package.

    “Shipping Canceled”: The shipping has been canceled by the courier. You will be contacted by a logistic expert to solve eventual issues.

    “Returned to shipper”: The package was returned due to the shipping issue/courier was not able to contact customer.

    “Delivered”: The packaged was delivered.


    “On Hold”: We are awaiting for further order details/do not have the items in stock.

    “Cancelation Requested”: The cancellation requested submitted and are awaiting for the cancelation confirmation.

    “Canceled”: The order is cancelled.

     “Closed”: The order has been canceled and the payment has been refunded.


    “Complete”: The order has been successfully delivered and completed.


    To know more about other statuses, please check "When will my order be shipped?".

  • For our European store there are no custom fees as we ship from our warehouse in the UK. 
    Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU economic area and import tax needs to be paid. Orders to these countries will be shipped from our UK warehouse.


    For our International store we are unable to tell you how much you may or may not be charged in customs taxes/fees. This varies by country and we recommend that you contact your local customs office.

  • We currently ship to different regions worldwide from two different locations depending on the website where the order has been placed:


    OppoStyle Europe (europe.oppostyle.com)

    Ship from United Kingdom

    Austria Finland Latvia Portugal
    Belgium France Liechtenstein* Romania
    Bulgaria Germany Lithuania Slovakia
    Croatia Greece Luxembourg Slovenia
    Cyprus Hungary Malta Spain
    Czech Republic Iceland* Netherlands Sweden
    Denmark Ireland Norway* Switzerland*
    Estonia Italy Poland United Kingdom

    NOTE: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland are not part of the EU economic area and import tax needs to be paid.

    OppoStyle International

    Ship from Hong Kong

    Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina Japan Monaco
    Andorra Faroe Islands Kuwait Nepal
    Bahrain French Polynesia Macedonia New Zealand
    Bahamas Greenland Macau Qatar
    Bangladesh Hong Kong Maldives South Korea
    Barbados Israel Moldova United Arab Emirates

    OppoStyle North America (na.oppostyle.com)

    Ship from United States

    Canada United Stated

    NOTE: This list may or may not change at any time without prior notice

  • After your payment is accepted, it will take 1 to 3 business days to prepare and ship the order.

    NOTE: The standard shipping process is mentioned above. In case there is any shipping issue, you will be contacted by our Customer Support.


    To know more about other statuses, please check "What is the meaning of the order status?".

  • Should you no longer want the order to be delivered to you, please let us know about your decision and reject the parcel upon delivery.

    The order cost will be reimbursed once the package is back at the warehouse.

    NOTE: The return shipping cost (estimated 20 EUR/ 30 USD) and any additional fee/return parcel fine will not be reimbursed.

  • We offer different shipping methods which may vary depending on the delivery country. The shipping fee is always free for orders over €100 EUR / $100 USD.

    Depending on the destination country one or more of the following carriers may be available:

    Please refer to the shipping options available during the checkout.

  • It is still possible to cancel the orders only while in "Payment Accepted" status.

    Simply navigate to the order history page and request the order cancelation. Your shipment will be immediately halted and one of our agents will take care of refunding your payment as soon as possible.

    At the moment is not possible to modify orders after the payment has been already confirmed.

    NOTE: Once the order status is changed to “Awaiting for Shipping”, it's not possible to cancel it any longer.


    After your order is shipped but you still want to cancel it please refer to this article.