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Customer Support

Device Support

If you experiencing any kind of issue with your device, we are happy to guide you in solving it. Before requesting the return or replacement of your device, please make sure to read and perform the troubleshoot related to your info by visiting our Troubleshoots section.

  • We are sorry that our product did not live up to your expectations, and we would be happy to assist you in returning your device.

    If it's due to a technical issue please make sure to read the troubleshoots to attempt solving the issue by yourself, otherwise we would love to have the opportunity to solve it for you, so please feel free to contact us anytime.

    In case you still decide to return your product please click on the return button below.

    We would also like to learn more about why you want to return the device, as it would help us improve and provide better service to future customers so please leave us a short feedback of your experience with our device and the reason(s) why you decided to return it.

    Request Return

  • Return a product in 4 simple steps

    1. Request and Approval
      In this step you have to provide all the information needed for us to approve your return request.

      1. Select the Return type

        • Warranty Replacement

        • Off Warranty Repair

        • Return

      2. Provide information

        • Select Product you are requesting assistance for

        • Provide IMEI number (if it is a device)

        • Provide description (if it is defective)

        • Submit picture of the issues (if any)

        • Device Pictures

        • Your current address from which you are going to shipping the device (and where the new/repaired device will be shipped in case or Warranty Replacements and Off Warranty Repairs)

      3. Submit RMA Request and wait for our approval

    1. Shipping
      In this step you have to perform all the operations needed to prepare and shipped the products back to us.

      1. Prepare your device packaging.

      2. Print and attach the return slip onto the parcel

      3. Ship the parcel and provide us with the shipping information

      4. Provide us with a copy of the shipping receipt (only for Warranty Replacements)

    1. Package Confirmed
      In this step you will be informed regarding the arrival of your parcel to our service center where will be processed and requested to perform eventual actions.

    - Pay for the repair of your device or eventual price difference with the new item.
    - Confirm Shipping address
    - Confirm Shipping of new or repaired device
    - Confirm Reimbursement of shipping expenses (Only for Warranty Replacements)
    - Confirm Refund of products (Only for returns)

    1. Complete
      In this step you will be provided with a summary of your RMA process completion.

    - Tracking number of the parcel sent back to you (In case of Warranty Replace and Repair)
    - Refund / Reimbursement information (PayPal transaction ID and date)
    - Repair costs paid during the process.